Our new mosaic-X5 Triband GNSS RTK Breakout was released yesterday, and today we added the ESP32-C6 Qwiic Pocket Dev Board to the mix. There's a lot going on this Friday, so stop by and look!

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Today, we launch our newest GNSS board featuring the mosaic-X5 in collaboration with our partners at Septentrio!

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Raspberry Pi 5 Meetup

Join SparkFun Electronics on October 18th to see the latest Raspberry Pi 5.

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In lieu of this week's new products, we are taking a look back at our popular SparkFun Artemis Product Line.

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Build an XRP Program Selector

Follow along with DigiKey's Tavis Foss as he shows how to build a program selector for the XRP, so you don't have to reupload your code every time you want to change tasks with your robot!

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Wired For Success

Our Qwiic connect system has not only taken our products by storm after being introduced by SparkX in 2017, but it's also being used across the industry as to simplify I2C for all types of applications!

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We have so many products from our friends at Raspberry Pi and Arduino for you to check out today!

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The newest Raspberry Pi is here, and we have some new accessories to go along with it!

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XRP Webinar with Digikey and DEKA

Wednesday, October 4th we have a webinar with our partners Digikey and DEKA on all things XRP! Register now to see demos, learn more about the project, and more!

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Many have received their XRP kit and have already started putting it together. The next logical step is to get it moving! Follow along with the latest video in the XRP series.

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The new SparkFun IoT Brushless Motor Driver is now available with two new Tristimulus Color Sensors equipped with an OPT4048DTSR from TI!

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With the growth of TinyML and all the buzz about AI, we wanted to showcase some different ways members of the embedded electronics community are utilizing ML in their own work!

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SparkFun's resident audiophile Pete Lewis has been hard at work for a long time developing his own pair of customized headphones. His newest tutorial will guide you through how to build your own headphones with ambient microphones.

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The SparkFun DataLogger IoT has a new, more economical version and we also have the new Tiny Code Reader from Useful Sensors!

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The Tech That Made Us

What made you fall in love with electronics? We asked around SparkFun HQ about everyone's all-time favorite piece of technology they've ever used. Check out their answers and take a walk down memory lane!

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It's a short week for us in the US, but we still have a few new products for you to check out!

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Chris's 12 Years at SparkFun

SparkFun is 20 years old this year! We're lucky enough to have a bunch of employees that have been around for over 10 of those years, and we wanted to share their reflections on their time here with you. Today you'll be hearing from Chris McCarty (you may know him as One Chris Two Chris Red Chris Blue Chris).

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Check out our latest project! We mounted our SparkFun Arduino IoT Weather Station to the roof at SparkFun HQ.

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To support everyone getting started with their XRP kit, we will be rolling out many helpful resources over time. Since pre-orders are starting to ship, we figured a good place to start is to provide three steps to get started

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Does this possibly hint at the stock may be in by then to fulfill the pre-orders?!? <fingers crossed!> or are you using samples you already…

Oops -- I missed the "in-person", and thought that it was going to be via one of the e-meeting things. I won't be able to attend in-person,…

I presume that the "5:30-6:30 pm" is MOUNTAIN DAYLIGHT TIME (i.e. "Denver") time.

Ah we also wish there was a Qwiic Connector on the new Pi 5! Hopefully we can make this happen in the future!

We will! The chemical makeup of the battery is different from any other type of battery we've carried in the past so we want to make sure we…

Is sparkfun also getting the little RTC batteries with the cord attached for the RPI5?

A couple of "conspicuous by their absence": First, our friends over at Adafruit have a LOT of items that have…

I finally had some time late yesterday to watch a couple of the videos on YouTube that reviewed the "pre-release" samples of the RPi 5 that…

OK, found an "implication of an answer" -- over on Adafruit's "New Products" list is [Raspberry Pi 5 RTC…

I'm kind of "chomping at the bit" to know more about the RTC battery requirements for the RPi 5. From the pics on the "official documents"…

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